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Dowsing "I Don't Even Care Anymore" LP

Image of Dowsing "I Don't Even Care Anymore" LP



Dowsing are back with their second LP, but don't expect a sophomore slump here. Here we find a more mature and refined sound- think of it as your cool cousin that is a little older and wiser, but still knows how to party. Dowsing have added another guitarist that really fills out their sound, and singer/songwriter Erik Czaja is clearly acing his 20s. 10 tracks that are sure to score a 10/10 for this summer.

Track Listing:

1. If I Fall Asleep The Cats Will Find Me
2. Get Weird
3. Where're Here To Basketball
4. Meant To Shred
5. I Don't Even Care Anymore
6. Everything Works Out
7. No Offense To The Fun
8. Ferret Feelings
9. Still Don't Care
10. Nothing To Give

First pressing: 150 Black/350 Splatter (Bone with Pink)
Second pressing: 395 Tri-Color (Gray/Aqua Blue/Olive)/200 Deep Purple

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